A Brother’s Revenge, A Girl Gone Missing, One Chance to Change Fate

Nora is going to Mexico to help finish the construction of an orphanage. While south of the border, Nora disappears without a trace.

Airplane pilot and fellow mission volunteer, Anthony Goldburg, is inspired by Nora’s enthusiastic outlook on life. He wonders if something more than friendship could be in their future, but first she must be found.

After losing his sister from drugs, Greg Nelson is on a mission – to clear the streets of the vile substance. That’s why he’s DEA. His pain and bitterness towards those responsible for the loss of his sister drives him to do the impossible.

The hope diamond, a national jewel, has been stolen. FBI Agent Daniel Grisham feels the pressure from those above him to apprehend the thief.

Agents Nelson and Grisham join forces as Nora and Anthony’s faith is tested to the limit.

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What readers are saying about Intercepted:

“The author writes from her heart.” – Lego, Amazon Reviewer

“The story is full of plot twists and suspense. It was hard to put down. It brings Christian values without being preachy.” – Lavona, Amazon Reviewer

“Susanna captured some of the most compelling social challenges of the day and weaves them into a story of souls lost and found. She threads God’s love and individual’s commitment to making a difference in a fallen world into a suspense-filled first novel. For those who are seeking intrigue with a Godly twist, this book is for you.” – Kathy, Amazon Reviewer

A Trust Betrayed, Lives Sabotaged, A Love Undaunted

Anti-drug activists are being sabotaged by the very substance they abhor.

Someone is targeting anti-drug activists and anyone that has dared to support the war against drugs. DEA Agents Grant Rourke and Josh McKenzie have been assigned to figure out who’s behind it, and take the fatal doses of kronilan off the streets for good.

But, while they work to put an end to the latest string of drug-related crimes, whoever is behind the kronilan distribution begins coming for their friends and family, including Grant’s ex-partner – former DEA Agent Greg Nelson by way of Greg’s fiancé, Anne.

Can Grant and Josh get to the bottom of this before it’s too late?

Available exclusively on Amazon and FREE to read with your Kindle Unlimited Subscription!

What readers are saying about Premeditated:

“Premeditated drew my interest in right away. Easy to read and definitely suspenseful, it was hard to put the book down. The author described actions and intent very well! I appreciated the scriptural inserts and lessons of faith weaved into it. I would recommend this book for teens on up to adults!” – Susan Sherman, Goodreads Reviewer

“It is a story that is full of not only suspense but action that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. I enjoyed the characters and how they pulled me into the story. They are well rounded and connectable. Their growth throughout the story made it easy to read. I also enjoyed how they kept me coming back for more. This is a great suspense story that you don’t want to miss. I highly recommend this book.” – BJ Wagner, Bookbub Reviewer

“Susanna knocks it out of the park with Premeditated. From intriguing suspense, with a twist you won’t see coming – to a heartwarming romantic sub-plot, this novel has it all. It’s an absolute must read!” – Author Aubree Valentine

A Deal Gone Wrong, A Journey Begun…

Two major jewelry companies, Hugh Bradley Jewelers and Amour Jewelers, are hosting a lavish gala. Unfortunately, someone is selling cocaine along with the jewels. Amid the festivities, a young woman collapses. She is an employee of Hugh Bradley Jewelers and is the liaison between the company and the caterer. Tragically, she dies from an overdose of cocaine. 

Investigating the source of the drug, Grant and Greg use their resources to seek out the drug dealer. This is Grant’s first case as the lead agent and he wants to make sure everything goes well. However, one of their suspects creates a complication that may cause a setback in Grant’s career. Can Grant and Greg catch the killer before someone else dies or Grant loses his position? 

Readers’ Favorite Review Of Concealed:

Concealed (An Agents of Justice Short Story) by Susanna Haymond is an engaging short story murder mystery. With interesting characters, a solid plot, and graphic scenes, the story unfolds in a satisfying manner. The characters and settings are thoroughly described in detail. The substantial descriptive content creates a clear-cut and comprehensible storyline, which leaves no room for doubt of who, what, how or why. This articulate novella will interest those who enjoy a quick read starring federal agents.