Short Story: A Christmas Surprise

Nora Nelson and Anthony Goldburg are back in this sweet romance!

Since their ordeal in Mexico, the couple have had a difficult healing process, but their relationship weathered the storm as they chose to cling to each other, instead of letting it tear them apart. Anthony continues to work as an airplane pilot and doesn’t get home as often as he’d like.

Life for Nora has changed drastically. Her heart has moved from missions to helping those closer to home. She’s recently come into some inheritance money and has chosen to restore an old campground where she plans to help troubled youth.

In this heart warming story, Anthony is flying to see his girlfriend, Nora, in Washington state. There, the two will spend their first Christmas together.

What surprises await the couple as they prepare to celebrate Christmas?

Anticipation wound around Nora and her body hummed with suspense as she bounced on her toes expectantly. The hustle and bustle of people scurrying to and from the airport terminals only managed to heighten her impatience. Christmas music played over the speakers, enhancing her holiday spirit even more. Read more…