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Welcome to my book nook! I’m so honored that you’ve joined my inner circle to be a Faithful Book Bestie. Feel free to take a look around. Keep an eye out for your welcome email. If you haven’t received your email within the next few minutes, it might be in your spam folder. Don’t forget to join my exclusive community!

Prologues & First Chapters

Here you can read the epilogues and first chapters of all of my available books! They’re just a sample to let you decide if you’d like to make a purchase or, you can join my inner circle on the Between the Pages tier to earn a chance every quarter to win a paperback.

Teasers & Excerpts

Teasers are social media reels and images related to my books and often a quote from one of them. If you have an idea for a teaser like an image that corresponds with a quote from one of my books, feel free to message me with your suggestion(s). I’m always thinking up and looking for new ideas!
Excerpts are larger sections of my book that have been used as a promotion or shared in other ways.

Exclusive Community

Join my community to interact with me and other members! I love getting to know my readers and I can’t wait to get to know and interact with you. You’ll also get to help me brain storm and so much more. See you in there!

Early Access to Book

I am currently releasing one chapter a week from Targeted, the third book in my Agents of Justice series! You’ll receive one new chapter a month right here. I can’t wait for you to dive in to find out what happens to Grant, meet new characters. A few other characters make an appearance too!


I am constantly adding new games and puzzles. Most of them are book themed. There are a few that are not. You can find them all right here and can be played as many times as you’d like. Have fun!

Special Graphics

There are some graphics that I particularly love and feel like they need their own special place to be highlighted. This is that place. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Behind the Scenes

As a Faithful Book Bestie, I get to show you pictures of my mind maps, notes, scene outtakes, and more! This is where you’ll see all the work that goes into making the polished finished books, short stories, and scenes.


The library features all of the Agents of Justice books and short stories. Some short stories can only be found within this library. Feel free to pick a read, pour a cup of your favorite beverage, and curl up in your comfy chair to lose yourself in a world of faith, love and suspense.