Concealed Excerpts

Excerpt One

Grant and Greg Discuss Gala Surveillance Video

“You know how I said there was something suspicious going on with that French vendor? I believe I just found it.”
“What is it?”
“Come here and see for yourself.” Grant backed up the video and waited for his partner to move to where he could see the screen. “Watch.”
The model who was selling the jewelry, handed a small box to her customer.
“Watch the customer, not the employee,” Grant instructed.
The customer walked to a secluded corner behind a lattice room divider that was covered in flowering greenery, away from prying eyes but not out of the security camera’s view.
Greg recognized the individual. “She’s our murder victim.”
“Uh-huh. Keep watching,” Grant replied.
The woman opened the jewelry case, slipped her newly acquired bracelet on her wrist. Greg expected her to place the box in her purse and go on her way. Instead, she peeked over her shoulder, making sure no one was watching.
Grant zoomed in closer to her hands.
She removed the small fluffy cushion out of the black case, and stuck her finger in, breaking the stitching. Drawing it out, Greg saw that white powder clung to her appendage.
Carefully tipping the bag, she dumped a small amount into the palm of her hand. Next, the woman brought her hand up to her nose, and sniffed the contents.
“How much do you want to bet that white powder is our murder weapon?” Grant leaned back into his chair.
“That would fit the timeline.”
“The amount of drugs that pillow would fit, could definitely be enough for an overdose if taken within too short a time.” Greg straightened from leaning over to see Grant’s computer screen. “We need to interview that employee.”

Excerpt Two

Grant Is Interrogated by Internal Affairs

Dan led the way to one of the conference rooms. “Have a seat, Agent,” his tone held more of an edge to it.
Grant took a seat next to the right of the head of the long table. An urge to ask how he could clear things up swept over him, but he held his tongue. He figured now wasn’t the time to be assertive.
Dan Flarhety took his time getting settled in a seat across the table from him. He opened a folder and placed a pen on the papers within the folder. He leaned back in his chair striking a pose of authority and intimidation. “Agent, you are no doubt aware of the allegations made against you regarding the use of excessive force while arresting Mr. Melvin Cook, are you not?”
“Yes, Sir,” Grant replied. “Though, I am unaware of the specifics.”
“The specifics are of no importance,” the investigator retorted. “From beginning to end, describe to me what went down during the arrest of Mr. Cook.”
“My partner and I originally went to Mr. Cook’s house to question him regarding a tip we had gotten.”
“Where did you get the tip?” he questioned sharply.
“During our investigation into the drug related death at the gala, we arrested Cook’s nephew. While we were interrogating him, he let it slip that Cook was involved in the drug ring case that’s related to the gala death.”
“So you’re investigating Mr. Cook?” Flarhety raised his eyebrow.
“Yes, Sir.” Grant knew Flarhety was trying to rattle him by interrupting his report of the arrest. It was working. He resisted the urge to shift his position in his chair.
“What’s his nephew’s name?”
“Lyle Denvers,” Grant answered. He rubbed his moist hands together underneath the table.